Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hot weather coming in from the south...

We are still under the influence of a high pressure system pumping up hot weather from the south. Another roaster today with it heating up to 86 degrees by noon. There were still a lot of blackbirds migrating in the hundreds per stop during the point count this morning.

Today's catch was 68 new birds with many recaptures which totaled 24 species and 12 species of warbler. Unusually high number of warbler species for October. Warbler species include: Black-throated Green, American Redstart, Magnolia, Nashville, Tennessee, Myrtle (Yellow-rumped), Blackpoll, Black-and-white, Common Yellowthroat, Mourning, Cape May, and Ovenbird.

Top species captured and released today were: Gray-cheeked Thrush 9, Blackpoll Warbler 8, White-throated Sparrow 7, Hermit Thrush 7, Myrtle Warbler 4, Golden-crowned Kinglet 4.

Juvenile White-crowned Sparrow captured with it brown crown stripes. It confused many a volunteer today at the station.Cold front to come in tomorrow. Looking forward to the change in temperature and bringing on the late fall migrants. They have been held up for some time.

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