Sunday, October 7, 2007

Unusually warm October...

Same old story for the unusually warm October days. Wearing short-sleeved shirts while opening the nets first thing in the morning is quite a change for most October mornings. Temperature this morning was 65 degrees and quickly heated up to 88 degrees by noon. Light wind out of the NW but really did not produce any change in movement of birds.

Five hours of opened mist nets produced 76 new birds of 23 species. Top species captured are Blackpoll Warbler 10, White-throated Sparrow 10, Hermit Thrush 9, Gray-cheeked Thrush 9, Swainson's Thrush 7 (can you tell it was another Thrush day?!) and Swamp Sparrow with 5.

Sparrows still coming in slowly. Besides White-throated Sparrow, Song and Swamp Sparrows in single digits today with our first White-Crowned Sparrow caught and seen at the Navarre site. White-crowned Sparrows were seen at the Window on Wildlife 06 October at the Observatory.

Purple Finches and American Goldfinches were on the move flying over 6 - 10 at a time during the point count this morning.

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