Monday, October 8, 2007

Birds increased as the day went on...

The cold front came around 7:00 AM this morning and did not produce many birds but as the day went on birds increased in numbers. So tomorrow should be a better day for migrant passerines.

The banding session today ended with 49 new birds and 32 recaptures indicating that the front did not come in early enough for most birds to leave and others to come in. 20 species of songbirds captured for the 4.5 hours of banding. Top species newly banded today were Blackpoll warbler 11, Gray-cheeked Thrush 8, Swainson's Thrush 6, and a tie for Black-throated Blue Warbler (all males) 3, Myrtle Warbler (Yellow-rumped Warbler) 3, and Hermit Thrush 3.

Seven species of warbler were captured today. White-throated Sparrows, Brown Creepers, both kinglets, even a House Wren along with its cousin the Winter Wren were around for the day's catch.

Looking for tomorrow and the rest of the week to be good opportunities for late fall migrant passerines.

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