Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pine Siskins coming through...

As expected not a big number day. However, you must get out and enjoy it because even thought the late migrants are not in large numbers we still have the mid-migrants hanging around or being blown back here again. We caught a banded Black-throated Blue Warbler which was unusual since we had not banded one in over 10 days. A banded House Wren made an appearance again today too.

Newly banded birds totaled 51 with 23 recaptures. Myrtle (Yellow-rumped) Warbler was the number one bird of the day with 15 new birds followed by Hermit Thrush - 7, Red-winged Blackbird - 6, and White-throated Sparrow - 5.

Eastern Phoebe

Sixteen species were captured new for the day. An Eastern Phoebe graced us with its presence today. As always the Fox Sparrow is a treat to see up close and personal. Besides Myrtle Warbler we had a new Magnolia Warbler and Blackpoll and the Black-throated Blue Warbler recaptures.

Many Pine Siskins and a few Purple Finches flew over this morning. We were not graced with a Purple Finch catch today.

Tomorrow appears to be another copy of today as far as weather with SW winds strong. Looking at maybe Tuesday for a change but who knows???

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