Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fog can do wonders...

Fog can do wonders in bringing down the birds! The morning was fogged in with temperatures around 60 degrees –still not the temps for mid-October around here. The fog lifted around 11 AM to sunshine and SW wind around 5-10 mph. The southerly winds pushed back some warblers.

We had 6 warbler species of which 5 were recaptured species (Tennessee warbler (2), Ovenbird, Blackpoll and Black-throated Blue Warbler. We caught 2 new Blackpoll warblers with a tremendous amount of fat reserves as usual. They stock up way before they reach the coast to jump off for their long distance trek over the Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Islands to northern S. America. Nashville warbler was the additional warbler caught today.

The catch for the day consisted of 111 new birds (much better than the last few days) with 37 recaptures (13 Hermit Thrushes). As par for course White-throated Sparrows were the top bird again with 42 new birds, followed by American Goldfinch 18, Purple Finch 8, Swamp Sparrow 6, Song and White-crowned Sparrow 4.

Twenty-one species of new banded birds captured today. As you can see sparrows are filtering in despite the southerly winds. Six sparrow species seen or captured with Fox, White-throated and White-crowned singing in Navarre this morning with the Eastern Towhee “Chew-winking.” If you have never heard the Fox Sparrow sing, it is quite beautiful as is its appearance. It is not hard to learn and recognize its song. Early March and throughout early April they sing quite frequently in northern Ohio. The other sparrows captured today were: Field Sparrow and Slate-colored Junco (Dark-eyed Junco).

Rusty Blackbirds were around the site later today coming in around noon. They also have a unique song or gurgle as I call it. It is an easy one to recognize.They are calling for a good chance of rain tomorrow but the weatherman may or may not get it right. So who knows what tomorrow will bring, except I do know it will be a southerly wind which is not much to get excited about this time of year unless you are a reptile.

Today's post is in memory and honor of a valued friend and fellow bird banding volunteer Barb Brent.

May you all enjoy the beauty of the season.

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