Thursday, October 4, 2007

High pressure system overhead...

We had light winds with partly cloudy conditions. There was a high Pressure system overhead with temperatures in the AM in the low 60's. The sky cleared up around 10:30 AM and began getting warm.

For approximately 5.25 hours of open nets, we captured 142 new birds and many recaptures.

This is the first time we heard and saw Golden-crowned Kinglets at the Navarre site. Thrushes were thick with Gray-cheeked Thrushes being the dominant bird of the day. Swainson's Thrush came in second with 19.

We had 8 species of warblers captured and released.

Highlights: Several Purple Finches (an adult male and female plus a couple juveniles), a Philadelphia Vireo, and a couple of Winter Wrens. Not much change in numbers or species expected for tomorrow.

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