Monday, May 12, 2008

We caught a Ruby-throated Hummingbird in this weather...

The weather makes you wonder if it is May or April outside. Cool and drizzly this morning with a strong north wind which dampened the birds from moving around. The temperatures were in the low 50’s even by afternoon and the sun never came out. I never thought we would catch a Ruby-throated Hummingbird today in this weather but one male made an appearance. Another highlight for the day was a recapture of a Sharp-shinned Hawk we caught several days ago and a new one. We are up to 13 Sharpies for the spring. We had 25 recaptures today with 2 Yellow Warblers, 1 Warbling Vireo, 1 Prothonotary Warbler, 1 Common Yellowthroat, and 1 Gray Catbird returning to the station from previous years. We have not caught any foreign recoveries, i.e. someone else’s banded birds, yet this year.

Despite the weather we caught and banded 93 new birds, 30 species which included 15 species of warbler. At the first net check there was a net with 5 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in it! What a noise they make! Their squawk is quite obnoxious---however, once you have heard it you can tell it is a grosbeak when you hear it anywhere! With the strong winds, the birds were hunkered down in areas out of the wind.

Here is the net with the grosbeaks in it,
just imagine the noise….

Top seven species for the day:

Nashville Warbler - 14
Yellow Warbler - 10
Red-winged Blackbird - 9
Rose-breasted Grosbeak - 6
White-throated Sparrow - 6
Black and White Warbler - 6
Gray Catbird - 5

If the winds turn to the south, it looks like this week will be good for a push of second wavers - orioles, tanagers, grosbeaks, tons-of-Magnolia Warblers and potential for 20 plus species of warbler. Tomorrow winds are going to be from the SE so a better day is in store!

Quiz bird for you and always a great bird to see,
what is this bird?

Look for the wind changing to the south and then the bushes will be dripping with Magnolia Warblers!

Enjoy the beauty of the season!

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