Friday, May 30, 2008

As you can see the flycatchers are here!!

The winds were out of the southwest so I was in great anticipation of a last push of late spring migrants today. It did not turn out to be as big of a day as I had thought. One hundred and eighty-one new birds with 27 recaptures were caught in 7.5 hours of net operation. Most birds that had been hanging around appeared to have left. There is still a large number of warbler species for this time of year counting 14 warblers captured and 17 warblers seen and/or heard.

Highlights for the day included another Olive-sided Flycatcher, Lincoln Sparrow, female Connecticut Warbler, female Purple Finch, female Blackburnian Warbler!, and several Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. The females are bringing up the grand finale…

Blackburnian Warbler, female

As you can see the flycatchers are here!!

Top 6 birds banded:
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher - 36
Traill’s Flycatcher - 27
Red-eyed Vireo - 19
Mourning Warbler - 12
Magnolia Warbler - 11
Swainson’s Thrush - 9

Mourning Warbler, female

The female Mourning Warbler has a gray head and has a split eye-ring which can sometimes be confused with a Connecticut Warbler. Some older female Mourning Warblers have the split eye-ring more defined and can confuse some. As I have said before if it is not a bright complete eye ring then it is a Mourning Warbler.

Enjoy Spring!

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