Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still a beautiful day...

So did you guess the quiz bird from yesterday?! It is a female Bay-breasted Warbler. She is still gorgeous in her realm of Bay-breasted Warblers.

Well one would have thought when the winds died down and were not from the northeast that the birds would be around. Not the case today at the migration monitoring station in Navarre. Not much in numbers but it was still a beautiful day with 85 new banded birds and 37 recaptures. We captured twelve warbler species with 18 species seen/heard. There has been a Black-throated Blue Warbler singing in the same location for over a week. We may get lucky and have a pair stick around for the summer. Thirty species of birds were banded with the highlights being a Connecticut Warbler (for Dave) (however he said since it was a female it does not count; he wants to see a male!—guess it takes a lot to satisfy my volunteers), White-throated Sparrow, and a nice looking Cedar Waxwing.

A little influx of Yellow-bellied Flycatchers today but the Gray Catbirds still won out for the top bird of the day! I would still look forward to good bird days tomorrow and Saturday. You may have to look for them amongst the leaves. This helps you to fine tune your eyesight and your hearing!
Top 6 species banded:
Gray Catbird - 10
Traill’s Flycatcher - 9
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher - 9
Canada Warbler - 8
Common Yellowthroat - 8
Red-winged Blackbird - 5

Check out this nice looking female Red-winged Blackbird!

We can only age to After-second Year but I think she is very old with all this color on her face and epaulets (lesser coverts).

Enjoy Spring!

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