Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another comment from the Field... Sparrow...

With another day of northerly winds one cannot expect much and that is what we got. Twenty-one new banded birds and seven recaptures today in five hours.

Top 4 species:
Hermit Thrush-5
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-4
Red-winged Blackbird-2
Field Sparrow-2
A small front appears to be coming in tomorrow night. I do not hold out much for it, since the computer weather forecast, television forecasts, and the newspaper forecast for the winds are all different. It should be a mostly dry day so that is a plus.

Here is a nice looking Field Sparrow we caught today:
One of three sparrows east of the Mississippi River if you are counting the Dark-eyed Junco in the sparrow family-which it is, but some do not think of it that way.

You can see all the banding totals and high capture numbers on the Observatory website at http://www.bsbobird.org/ under passerine research. Enjoy the day!

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