Saturday, April 17, 2010

Northerly winds keep birds off the lakefront

What a difference a cold front can make! Brrr! There were birds out on the beach ridge but they were hunkered down. Some Ruby-crowned Kinglets were heard calling and seen moving about but not many birds were captured today. Thirty-three new birds banded with two recaptures (Northern Cardinal and American Robin) in 4.75 hours of net operation. A highlight was a Pine Warbler singing. Mark said he heard it. I think it may be just ringing in his ears. There were also a few Myrtle Warblers around as well. There was not much difference than yesterday as far as species diversity goes.
Top 4 species
White-throated Sparrow- 9
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-9
Hermit Thrush- 4
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher- 3

The weather is not going to change much in the next couple days. I do not think it even reached the high temperature the weather people were calling for today. They also said partly sunny. HA! How about hardly sunny? It was out briefly for sunrise and then as we left the station it shone for maybe a minute. I will hope for more sun tomorrow to warm up things up for insects to fly for the insectivorous birds we have here now.

To make us all feel better I am sharing pictures of birds to come. This should warm us all up!

The early warm weather will make this bird harder to see this spring. You had better study up. You don't want to be spending time looking at the field guide as it skulks around on the ground among the understory and slips out of sight.

AND look at this LADY! She is quite beautiful. Note her golden wing.
One of our common first wave migratory songbirds.
This bird is for Sam Woods of Tropical Birding! May he get the opportunity to see this bird this spring!
The grand finale is this cavity nesting flycatcher. It is always a pleasure to hear them call.

Enjoy the days of early spring where ever they are!

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