Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Purple Finch a first for the season!

Tuesday we saw a little bit of the sun. The most exciting thing was getting hailed on with small ice pellets a couple times during the day. This is extreme sarcasm. This does not feel like spring to me! The good thing was that we had the nets checked the times the ice fell from the sky. The strong SW winds are still cold. It sounds like the weather will turn around by the end of the week.

Sixty-eight new birds were captured today with 25 recaptures. Several banded Brown Creepers from the day before were among the recaps. Highlights for the day are: Purple Finch, American Tree Sparrow and another Field Sparrow.

Top 6 species:
Myrtle Warbler – 17
Ruby-crowned Kinglet – 11
Hermit Thrush – 8
Golden-crowned Kinglet – 5
Brown Creeper – 5
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - 4
Wishing for warmer days for the insects to help feed the migrants!

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