Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Northerly winds keep early sparrows around

Another cool day with the winds shifting to the west northwest produced a lot of banded birds from previous days sticking around. Thirty-five recaptures and 59 new birds were captured in 5.5 hours in 23 mist nets. There is till no sign of the Chuck-will’s-widow after Saturday. It would have a hard time finding food I am afraid these past few days.

Highlights for the day are Fox Sparrow, American Tree Sparrow, and Black-capped Chickadee. We usually have two pair of chickadees nesting on the beach ridge. They have been active the past few days.

Top 6 species:
Myrtle Warbler – 12
Hermit Thrush – 12
Golden-crowned Kinglet – 5
Ruby-crowned Kinglet – 5
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher – 4
White-throated Sparrow – 4
Looking forward to Friday for the first wave of neotropical migrants!
Get out and see the sights!

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