Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22nd Magnolia Warbler and Flycatcher Mania

A big day in the marsh resulted in no pictures being taken. Four hundred fifty-four new banded and 28 recaptures. I thought I was being invaded by flycatchers and Magnolia and Wilson's Warblers. Canada Warblers fell close behind. Most banding sites in the U.S. do not see half of the bird numbers we see here in the Lake Erie Marshes. This place is special to the birds, special to us that live here and special to those that visit and have experienced the songbird migration spectacle along the SW shore of Lake Erie. I take pride in our well-trained volunteers. We prepare them for days like these and that is where good training plays out in action and ensures bird safety first.

This is the top 7 species we banded today:
Magnolia Warbler (MAWA)- 87
Traill's Flycatcher (TRFL)- 67
Wilson's Warbler (WIWA)- 39
Canada Warbler (CAWA)- 36
Swainson's Thrush (SWTH)- 33
Lincoln Sparrow (LISP)- 18
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (YBFL)- 18

A bunch of third wave species are starting to come in. The Swainson's Thrushes are still trying to keep up their end of the second wave of migrants along with the Magnolia Warblers.

Warm temperatures are slated for the next week. It appears a high pressure system will be overhead. Light winds will cause some ingress and egress of migrants but no spectacular influx is predicted.
Enjoy the weather and the birds! P. S. the return banded Common Yellowthroat from the other day was banded in 2006. He wore his band well. I thought it might have been a little older than that but it is still a major feat to survive this long with all the challenges they face on migration and on the breeding and wintering areas.

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