Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fourth Day of a Northeaster but still we have the birds

Well, never say you can figure out the birds completely because I was thinking we would have had a tough time reaching 50 new birds today; but instead we came out about even with number of recaptures and new birds. One hundred sixteen new birds and 107 recaptures including 20 warbler species for the site. Not a bad day and the sun finally did come out!

Here is one of the highlights of the day: Doesn't he glow?
Top 8 species:
Common Yellowthroat (COYE)- 11
Gray Catbird (GRCA)- 11
Swainson's Thrush (SWTH)- 10
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (RTHU)- 8
White-throated Sparrow (WTSP)- 7
Canada Warbler (CAWA)- 6
Magnolia Warbler (MAWA)-5
Lincoln Sparrow (LISP)- 5
We also caught one of our banded Connecticut Warblers today. Here he is with his cousin of the smaller variety (the Nashville Warbler). There is quite a size difference in the beaks and head.
I also thought this was an interesting comparison below with the Warbling Vireo (left) and the Tennessee Warbler (right). The Tennessee is most likely a male with the gray head and green back. I would have liked to have a female which is more uniform greenish color on the head and back which may cause some to take another look to make sure they are looking at a Tennessee Warbler and not a Warbling Vireo. The bill shape of the Warbling Vireo has a hook on the tip and the bill is larger than the Tennessee but if you look at the field marks on the head they look similar.
When the winds turn to the south be ready to count the Magnolia Warblers. I think it might be in a couple days. Just in time for the weekend, maybe. Enjoy Spring!

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