Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Strong Northeaster moves birds off the lake

Just when you think the day might get better you wake up to a strong Noreaster which usually pushes the birds away from the lake. The catch of the day was like most days this fall so far. Slow. Oh well, still a nice day to be outside. We caught a big whopping 21 new birds and 5 recaptures. I guess it is holding true when we have a big spring season, the fall is much slower. We are close to being below last year's numbers at this date and last year was below average. It just goes to show the birds are truly weather/wind dependent. The early fall migrants have worked their way around the lake and headed south. It has been a poor year for the flycatchers which are one of the earliest to go.
Here is a bird we captured today that may be a stickler for some. Give it a shot.
It could look like a female like Common Yellowthroat but the bill is much larger similar to what an Oporornis would have. That is your hint. The eye markings may not be as obvious on this bird as some you may see of this species.

Friday looks like it may turn out to be a good migration wind for us. At least it is predicted to come out of the north-northwest quadrant which is helpful.

Get out to see if you can find all 5 brown thrushes. I know the Hermit is the last to come south but we did catch a White-throated Sparrow today so you never know! Good Luck!

P.S. Hatching Year Mourning Warbler. It was a tough one!

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