Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nice birds with low diversity...

The past two days were so-so for birds. The first Winter Wren and Ruby-crowned Kinglet were captured which makes me think of winter! It is not here yet that I can tell. The winds are going to shift to the southwest tomorrow and bring rain not snow-thank goodness! I have been hearing a Winter Wren singing for the past several days so there has been at least one here for while despite the unfavorable migration weather we have seen. The birds are coming regardless of the assistance of the wind. Northeasters are forecasted after the warm southerly wind. I am not hopeful for much volume the next couple days.

Why not add a quiz bird to keep us fresh on our fall songbirds?

and here is the front view of the quiz bird:

Why don’t we just celebrate the good things! How about this female kinglet!

And of course who cannot smile when you see a Winter Wren zipping past you?! Its short little tail and dark undertail coverts separates itself from its cousin the House Wren.

Another treat was this hatching year male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. He tries to look female-like but once you catch a glimpse of his wingpits. The bird cannot be confused with a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak. She would have orange sherbet colored wingpits. The adult male Rose-breasted Grosbeak has black flight feathers and more rose on the breast.

Rain is forecasted for tomorrow and scattered through Thursday. If there is a break in the weather the birds will be out feeding. Take time to enjoy summer before it ends on Tuesday! We captured a Brown Creeper on 09-19-09 (yesterday) so maybe winter is around the corner!
P.S. Quiz bird is an adult male Magnolia Warbler. Its upper tail coverts are coal black! You cannot miss the black streaks dripped on his brightly yellow colored shirt (breast).

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