Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another calm day brought a bright spot

Not a day to get your hopes up but it was a beautiful day none the less. Banding was slow again today, slower than slow. We had 12 new banded birds and 5 recaptures. If it means anything the birds were not moving either. We had a banded Magnolia and Mourning Warbler today from a couple days ago. There is plenty of insects and fruit so they are not in a hurry to go anywhere without a favorable wind from the north.
The bright spot of the day was this handsome dude! This made everyone stop and enjoy looking at the adult male Mourning Warbler.
Even the back of him is handsome with his slate gray head and olive green back and tail. Hmmm.... sometimes you just have to focus on the good things not the fact that we had more time to stare at each other than normal banding days.
This high pressure is supposed to stick around through the weekend. It might be a good time to get other work done while the birds are slow. Enjoy the great weather!

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