Friday, September 18, 2009

Light NNW winds bring in the thrushes and catbirds

A large flight of thrushes appeared today. I could hear them calling while setting up the nets. Gray Catbirds also made up the majority of the catch. Highlight for the day was a nice adult Philadelphia Vireo and a hatching year American Redstart. The warblers were slim pickings with very few being seen or heard on the beach ridge. Forty-nine new banded birds with 16 recaptures. The thrushes from yesterday stuck around for another day; plus we had a few old Gray Catbirds arrive on site.
Top 4 species:
Swainson’s Thrush – 15
Gray Catbird – 14
Gray-cheeked Thrush -3
Common Yellowthroat – 3

A nice adult male Common Yellowthroat graced us with his presence. His chest is glowing almost as bright as a Prothonotary Warbler.
The winds are forecasted to go to the northeast for several days. With light winds overnight, is our only chance of bringing in more birds to the beach ridge. This is one season it does not pay to have a banding station along the southern end of the lake on a peninsula facing east into the lake. It goes to show that one year's worth of data cannot give you the whole picture of what is going on during bird migration. However, the days have been very pleasant to be outside!

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