Wednesday, April 30, 2008

White-throated Sparrows recatured...

It was a good day for Myrtle Warblers and recaptures. With the winds out of the northwest the birds did not move north from the beach ridge. Fifty recaptures with the majority being were White-throated Sparrows.

Total new banded birds for the day were 130 in 6.75 hours with 7 species of warbler plus the banded Kentucky Warbler was still around. There are still many Myrtle Warblers in the area on the Navarre beach ridge. It has been one of the biggest Aprils we have seen in a long time. We are just shy of 2,000 birds banded for the month of April.

Highlights for the day were a Sharp-shinned Hawk and the recaptured Kentucky Warbler.
Forces were split up again for a banding demonstration at the Observatory to share BSBO’s research information with the local school children. Showing them what neat critters they have in their backyard is like money in the bank. It can only grow with enthusiasm and interest which will translate into conservation in the future.

Carroll Elementary School children enjoying the birds

Top 7 bird species:
Myrtle (Yellow-rumped) Warbler - 70
White-throated Sparrow - 19
Western Palm Warbler - 7
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - 6
Common Yellowthroat - 3
Swamp Sparrow - 3
Northern Cardinal - 3

Enjoy Spring!

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