Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Willow Flycatcher is a local breeding species...

It was really warm this morning with the winds out of the southwest. The Cottonwood trees are releasing their white fluffy seeds. It looked like it was snowing at the station today. However, it did not feel like snow. A warm day today produced 39 birds with 16 recaptures. The catch of the day included 14 species with 5 warblers among the group. About half of the Traill’s Flycatchers keyed out to Willow Flycatchers. This is to be expected since the Willow Flycatcher is a local breeding species. Highlights for the day were White-eyed Vireo and a male Mourning Warbler. We caught a male and female Prothonotary Warbler but the male received all the oohs and aahhs. It would figure.

The Quiz bird from yesterday was a Tennessee Warbler. I hope you guessed it correctly. The eyeline was very evident.

Here is another quiz bird for you to not let your brain be stagnant.

Top 5 banded bird species:
Traill’s Flycatcher - 10
Gray Catbird - 7
House Wren - 3
Indigo Bunting - 3
Baltimore Oriole - 3

Enjoy the outdoors!

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