Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Purple Finch made the day!

Today was definitely a kinglet day and if you can hear the high pitched voices they make your brain was probably exploding from audio overload. Both Ruby-and-Golden-crowned Kinglets seemed to be everywhere on the ridge; and even in the town of Oak Harbor in the afternoon you could hear their tiny little voices in the trees. I hope all of you got the opportunity to hear or see some kinglets today!
Rain showers shut us down early today. Despite the shortened day, it was a grand day to experience the kinglets as I said previously. A highlight for the day was a male and female Purple Finch. The weather was not conducive for a photo but since the male was so bright (Yes, I said this about a male bird!), I just had to try to get a picture.
The strong northeast winds kept the beach nets closed today.
Our top species catch for the main inside nets were
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-20
Hermit Thrush-15
White-throated Sparrow-13
Golden-crowned Kinglet-11
Winter Wren-6
Other highlights were another Field Sparrow and a couple Slate-colored Junco. This time we had a male junco. The two juncos we have caught previously were females. I realize it is October, but when the weather is comfortable for you to get out, please do! You never know what you may see! Enjoy!

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