Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of fall brings the first Golden-crowned Kinglet

So at 11:54 AM it became officially fall, and with that we caught our first Winter Wren to start off the season! The kinglets are here and there making their high pitched calls. The first Golden-crowned Kinglet was heard and captured today. Ready or not, here they come! With a northeast to easterly wind the beach ridge was not the place to be for hoards of birds but there was a nice selection of birds. Forty-four new banded birds with 22 recaptures were netted including 12 species. A Blue-headed Vireo graced us with its presence for a first for the fall season. Ovenbirds are still keeping pace with their daily appearance. Five warbler species were captured including Ovenbird, Nashville, Black-throated Blue, Magnolia, and Blackpoll.

Top 4 Species and Number Banded
Swainson’s Thrush - 18
Gray-cheeked Thrush -8
Blackpoll Warbler -4
Gray Catbird -4!!!!

Enjoy the fall season with balmy temperatures.

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