Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There is still a few Gray Catbirds Around!

With Northeast winds, I was not expecting many birds. We caught 45 new birds and 13 recaptures for a total of 12 species. Thrushes remain the dominant birds around. Another White-throated Sparrow appeared in the net for a band. Not many have made it this far south or at least to the Navarre ridge. I have not heard many of their recognizable chip calls. Gray Catbirds continue to have extended stays here. The birds are finally arriving with some fat. They had been mostly ranging in the low 2-3 range of a scale of 6. This is good to see since we know the Blackpoll Warbler has the longest trip of the warblers for a 72 hour ocean tour from the Carolinas to northern South America. Others have the 18-24 hour trip across the Gulf which can be hindered or delayed by hurricanes.

Top 5 Bird Species and Number Banded
Swainson’s Thrush -15
Gray-cheeked Thrush -12
Gray Catbird -5!!
Blackpoll Warbler -4
Magnolia Warbler -3
Enjoy the great days!

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