Sunday, May 17, 2015

Navarre Update for Week of May 4-10th

This was a week of birds and birdwatchers! With the Biggest Week in American Birding kicking off the Lake Erie Marshes once again proved itself as a bird magnet with great stopover habitat for birds and birders both.

This week started full of birds from the first wave and at the end as the second wave birds started to appear. Ruby-crowned Kinglets (RCKI) exited the area and Magnolia Warblers (MAWA) began what should be a major push through the region. 
The week showed a great diversity of warblers including Ovenbird (OVEN), Worm-eating (WEWA), Louisiana and Northern Waterthrushes, Golden-winged (GWWA), Blue-winged (BWWA), Black-and-white (BAWW), Prothonotary (PROW), Tennessee (TEWA), Orange-crowned (OCWA), Nashville (NAWA), Mourning (MOWA), Common Yellowthroat (COYE), Hooded (HOWA), American Redstart (AMRE), Cape May (CMWA), Northern Parula (NOPA), Magnolia (MAWA), Bay-breasted (BBWA), Blackburnian (BLBW), Yellow (YEWA), Chestnut-sided (CSWA), Blackpoll (BLPW), Black-throated Blue (BTBW), Western Palm (WPWA), Myrtle (MYWA), Black-throated Green (BTNW), Canada (CAWA), and Wilson's (WIWA).

As the Second Wave birds started in earnest the orioles and grosbeaks did not disappoint. Here is a Second year (SY) male and an After-second (ASY) year male Grosbeak for comparison:

RBGR- ASY male top and SY male bottom
Primary coverts on SY are 1st basic and worn

Note: SY male tail and ASY male RBGR tail 

Some Highlights for the week:
Female Orchard Oriole (OROR)
Note bi-colored bill

Age of the female OROR is second-year (SY)
Note: dull Primary coverts thus SY aged bird 
GWWA female
Note: Gray mask instead of black mask of the male

Back of GWWA Female
Note:Golden wing bars
CERW male
Usually a bird of the tree tops it is seldom captured in mist nets.

CERW male front
Note: white throat and black small necklace

CERW male back
Prepare for a good week of birds ahead as the second wave heats up. Join us for the public banding demonstration on Saturday at the Observatory from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

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