Monday, October 6, 2014

Navarre Marsh Weekly Banding Update: September 29th - October 5th

As fall makes its way into the region, it brings a few additional migratory bird species along with it. The last week of September through early October continues to record a good diversity of warblers.

The banding station recorded 18 species of warbler this past week including: Tennessee (TEWA), Nashville (NAWA), Northern Parula (NOPA), Magnolia (MAWA), Cape May (CMWA), Black-throated Blue (BTBW), Myrtle (MYWA), Black-throated Green (BTNW), Pine (PIWA), Western Palm (WPWA), Bay-breasted (BBWA), Blackpoll (BLPW), Black-and-white (BAWW), American Redstart (AMRE), Ovenbird (OVEN), Northern Waterthrush (NOWA), Connecticut (CONW), and Common Yellowthroat (COYE).

BTBW: Hatching-year male: note green-edged primary coverts
MYWAs and WPWAs arrived with the cold front that came through last Friday. A few Golden-crowned Kinglets and Hermit Thrushes have also been banded. They are a couple of the last species to come south, since they are what is referred to as short distance migrants which do not leave the continental U.S. in winter.

Highlight for the past week were male and female Pine Warblers (PIWA).
This is a warbler that generally nests to our south. 
Adult male PIWA
Adult female PIWA: Note the yellow wash on her breast
For the seasonal summary check out the Navarre fall migration banding totals at BSBO research.
Stay tuned, as next week may well be filled with kinglets, White-throated Sparrows (WTSP), and Hermit Thrushes. The Fox Sparrow and Snowbird (Slate-colored Junco) won't be far behind.

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