Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Highlights

I thought before the close of 2009, I would summarize some of the highlights of the year. If this blog has made you a better birdwatcher, or ornithologist, or increased your appreciation of birds, then I have accomplished what I have set out to do. Many thanks to you the readers and commenters, be you anonymous or otherwise.

Here are my highlights and of course there are many but I will keep them brief.

How about this bird?!!!:

You can't deny that seeing a Chuck-will's-widow in the hand
is not a GREAT bird!

How else would you know that it had this cool modified toe
for sleeking its whiskers?!

My best experiences are with sharing the information we learn about these magnificent songbirds with the visitors of all ages. It is a great feeling to see the "light bulb" come on when they realize the amazing things these small creatures must deal with in a year, or to see a big smile from a teenager who has never seen a Blackburnian Warbler!

Many thanks go out to the vast and varied volunteers I have the priviledge to work with. With this great team working together, we can continue to learn more about these birds and hopefully help to improve their habitats.

Another highlight of the year was the half a millionth bird banded under Mark Shieldcastle's banding permit during the fall migration monitoring project for the Observatory. What an accomplishment for Mark. What a year! This Blackpoll Warbler made more than the data records, it marked a milestone.

Let us celebrate the year with a few of my bird friends!

Wishing you all the very best in 2010! Happy Holidays!

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