Friday, August 28, 2009

Bright spots despite the slow start to fall...

The past three days have been hit or miss and mostly a miss as far as the birds being on the Navarre site. However, we must realize it is the beginning. This happens every year so I just take what comes and enjoy it.
Of course we must have a quiz bird...
Can you not see the beauty in the feathers of this bird?! (and its white handkerchief!)

I had been hearing Brown Thrashers around the site but they have been shy and have not showing themselves until today. Here is a hatching year bird with a not-so-yellow eye. At least it was not as bright as the adult's eye. It has some tan or brown in the iris.
Speaking of hatching year birds take a look at this one. Can you tell it is a very quiet bird!

The Eastern Kingbird is another bird that will be heading south in the near future with the other flycatchers. A flycatcher must migrate early because of its prey/food source.

And the answer to the quiz bird is:

This is a Hatching Year male Black-throated Blue Warbler. Look at the wing and the primary coverts are edged with green from the quiz picture. Otherwise it is one handsome dude!
The Observatory Window on Wildlife today had some warblers visiting the water feature (Common Yellowthroat, Mourning Warbler, and Nashville Warbler).
Take some time to enjoy the birds. Patience will pay off!

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