Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Connecticut Warbler still around the marshes...

Another Northeaster and the bird numbers were similar to yesterday with 42 new banded birds and 15 recaptures. The male Mourning Warbler is still hanging around hoping to find a girlfriend I suppose. A female Connecticut Warbler also made an appearance today. Eleven species of warbler were seen or heard today including Yellow (the new banded ones still coming in with some fat reserves), Chestnut-sided (singing on territory), Black-and-white (female with a brood patch!), American Redstart, Prothonotary, Ovenbird, Connecticut, Mourning, Common Yellowthroat, Wilson’s, and Canada.

Top 4 species:
Traill’s Flycatcher – 17
Red-winged Blackbird – 5
Canada Warbler – 3
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher – 3

A high pressure sytem is to be overhead for tomorrow so the sun will shine but the lake breeze will prevail.
It will slow the bird action on the beach ridges. For something to do, try getting a big day for June! See how many bird species you can get in one day!

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